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How Do You Know If You Have a Guardian Angel? Here’s How to Tell


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How Do You Know If You Have a Guardian Angel? Here’s How to Tell

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Most people believe in a higher power. Some people call it God, others call it energy, Spirit, or divine consciousness. 

Regardless of what you name it, if you believe in something grander, more powerful, and more meaningful than the physical realm, you likely have a reason. Perhaps you’ve had esoteric experiences you can’t explain. Maybe you’ve seen an angel or entity you knew to be other-worldly. 

This may lead you to ask if you have a spirit or angel attached to you. But how do you know if you have a guardian angel or spiritual guide?

We’re here to provide you with some clarity. Keep reading for everything you need to know about the signs of a guardian angel.

You Feel an Unexplainable Presence

One of the first guardian angel signs you might experience is feeling like you’re never alone. However, though this may sound a little disconcerting, if you’re being visited by a guardian angel, the presence you feel will be comforting and pleasant.

You may feel like you’re being watched over or as though there’s a friendly presence in the room. If this sounds familiar, reach out to the presence and try to establish communication with it.

Listen with your heart and your mind as much as your ears, however, to be fully receptive to their message. Their response may come in the form of a seemingly random or foreign thought introduced to your mind. Don’t ignore small signs like these.

You See, Hear, or Experience Things You Can’t Explain

How do you know if you have a guardian angel based on your own experiences?

In some cases, a guardian angel can present a more physical or substantial presence. It depends on how open you are to receiving these messages and what the guardian angel is there to tell you or show you.

This can come in the form of muffled voices, flashes of light, floating orbs of color and light, and more. Don’t be afraid or close yourself off to this energy. It is likely their way of getting your attention.

You may also feel a sudden change in temperature in either direction. You may feel the room get colder, as other-worldly entities often absorb energy (heat, in this case) to establish a more physical presence. In some cases, however, a guardian angel’s presence may make you feel warmer, inside and out.

Lastly, you may feel a tingling sensation or pressure on your skin. This could very well be your guardian angel physically touching you.

However, a tingling sensation is often felt at the crown of the head. If you prescribe to the idea of chakras, this would be the crown chakra. The crown chakra is directly related to your connection with the divine.

You Have Dreams of Being Visited by an Angel or Entity

Most of us are completely bound and subdued by the physical world. We believe what we’re told to believe and automatically dismiss anything that doesn’t fit into those little boxes. As such, we often remained closed off to experiencing the real world around us – one of energy, mysticism, and spiritual entities.

However, there is a loophole. While we are asleep, our walls or proverbial fences come down, leaving room for a guardian angel to get through to us. During our dream-state, we are no longer guarded against the idea of the unknown or unbelievable. 

One of the most prominent guardian angel signs is if you are regularly visited by the same entity in your dreams. These dreams can range drastically from mere glimpses of your guide to in-depth conversations, warnings, or visions of the past or future. 

The next time you dream of your guardian angel, attempt to control your actions. Ask questions and open yourself up to why you are being visited. Ask the entity if they can visit you in the waking world.

Children and Animals Seem to Be Distracted by Invisible Beings Around You

How do you know if you have a guardian angel based on others?

Sometimes, it’s not our own senses that spot the signs of a guardian angel. However, if you are aware enough of your surroundings, you may see someone or something else pointing to an unexplained presence in the room. 

Children and animals are often more likely to see a guardian angel or spirit guide.

This comes back to cognitive training. As adults, we’ve taught ourselves to dismiss anything that doesn’t fit within the parameters of our own understanding or of socially acceptable phenomena. Children, cats, dogs, and other animals are under no such restraints.

If your pet or child seems fixated on something you can’t see, it’s likely they are staring at your guardian angel.

Your Intuition Seems Louder Than Usual

Another tip on how to tell that you have a guardian angel is by paying attention to your own thoughts. We all have intuition. Some people call it a “gut feeling.”

It’s what makes the hairs stand up on the back of our neck when we sense trouble. It’s the nagging voice in the back of your head that says “this is not a good idea” or “you should definitely jump on this opportunity.”

However, as we begin to gain a stronger relationship with a guardian angel, this voice gets louder. Sometimes, it seems like it’s not your voice at all – and it might not be. 

As noted earlier if the inner voice in your head seems random, foreign, or unattached to your own thought processes, it could be your guardian angel trying to communicate with you. You’ll often find answers to questions you never knew you had. This is because higher entities have access to the Akashic Records, the collective knowledge and energy collected by consciousness throughout existence.

You See Repeating Numbers Everywhere

Finally, how do you know if you have a guardian angel based on subtle signs?

While it’s easy to dismiss it, as we often do, seeing repeating numbers is considered a sign from guardian angels or spirit guides. These can be on the clock, your phone, your car’s odometer, or anywhere. 

Different numbers have different meanings. Find a credible source and research what the repeating numbers mean in your life.

How Do You Know If You Have a Guardian Angel?

Being contacted by a guardian angel or spirit guide can be enlightening, exciting, and overwhelming all at once. You may hear and see things you didn’t think you were prepared for. On the other hand, when you start accessing your higher self, you may start to lose closeness with friends and family members.

So, how do you know if you have a guardian angel? 

You have one because you exist. None of us come to this world alone. The key is learning how to listen to your guide and interpret their message. 

And if you’re looking for more great information, check out some of our other blog articles before you go. We have tons of content created to help people like you find their way through this amazing, unpredictable, and infinite world.

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1 year ago

How can I tell if I have a angel on my shoulder

Kevin R.
Kevin R.
10 months ago

Yes, my guardian angel is a young English lady, well spoken, and she whispered in my left ear once, telling me my brother was (He’s coming back), just as I was going to take his motorcycle secretly for a ride, I hid the helmet gloves and keys 🤫, and seconds later he thought l was just cleaning his bike 🏍️🙄,,?

1 month ago

The numbers 11:11 kept showing up on a cell phone is this signs of a garden angel?

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