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Journalists Are Courageous First Responders, Too

When the world takes that unexpected right turn that changes the course of history, they run to the danger. We expect that of the best known, most respected first responders — police, firefighters, EMTs, the military. But journalists are first responders, too.

Lasting Social Justice: The Only Equitable Recompense

Last month, The Guardian published several soul-searing articles about its own heritage of links to American slavery. “We are making an important announcement about the Guardian’s origins,” wrote Editor-in-chief Katharine Viner.

I Find in Pullman’s Trinity Lutheran Church an Immersive Experience

My friend Susan Swan spoke very highly of Trinity Lutheran Church located just off of the WSU campus nestled gently at the top of NE Lybecker Road in Pullman. She was a retired professor of history, and in her more active days, she spent many a Sunday there.

Ask A Muslim: Gifts for Eid

A coworker who is Muslim gave me a gift for Christmas. I would like to reciprocate during one of their holidays. Is there a certain holiday or gift that would be most appropriate?

Doctrine of Discovery Rejected

After 571 years, on March 30 the Vatican finally rejected its “Doctrine of Discovery.” The doctrine sanctioned the conquest, colonization and exploitation of non-Christian people and territories.

Trump Indictment and a Clash of Values

Donald Trump has done so many things worthy of criminal prosecution, my temptation is to yawn and look away.

Ask a Buddhist: How Can a Muslim Become a Buddhist?

Many people find Buddhist practices to calm the mind, open the heart and strengthen ethical conduct to be useful regardless of their religious leanings. Buddhism does not just encourage us to have love, compassion and wisdom; it shows us how to cultivate these qualities.

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