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America’s Democracy Is Still Growing Up

Although we established the first modern democracy, we’re not at the top. Some nations are improving the model. Certain characteristics, such as low voter participation or polarization, contribute to our current lower ranking. The recent upheavals we’re enduring are growing pains. Efforts are being made to repair our faults, yet opposing efforts undermine our democracy.

Ask a Catholic: Are Sacraments Necessary to Get to Heaven?

The sacraments are given to us as ways to nourish, in various ways, an active love for God and neighbor. They are means to an end, not ends in themselves. 

The Bible Doesn’t Say Life Begins at Conception

I ask my fellow Christians these questions: Where did we first hear “Abortion is murder?” Where did we first hear “Life begins at conception?” We did not read them in our Bibles. They simply are not there.

Letter to the Editor: Veradale UCC Was the Target of Hatred

In the early morning hours of Sunday, June 25, 2023, someone chose to target Veradale United Church of Christ: Pride flags were stolen, banners for Black Lives Matter and Pride were torn down and diesel fuel was poured onto the grounds.

Ask a Baha’i: Should People of Different Faith Marry?

There is no guidance that prevents or advises against a Bahá’í marrying someone of a different religion.

My Three Years Writing a FāVS News Column

I have been writing a weekly column for FāVS for three years next week. If my count is right, this is my 160th column.

God Called Me by Name, and I Follow Him

The Lord God made a sacrifice for my sake I cannot fully comprehend. My best response is to yield myself totally into His most capable hands. Because I am His own, I am safe. But there is more. He calls me by name and leads me to pasture.

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