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Ven. Thubten Semkye

Ven. Thubten Semkye was Sravasti Abbey's first lay resident. A founder of Friends of Sravasti Abbey, she accepted the position of chairperson to provide the four requisites for the monastic community. Realizing that was a difficult task to do from 350 miles away, she moved to the Abbey in spring 2004. Although she didn’t originally see ordination in her future, after the 2006 Chenrezig retreat when she spent half of her meditation time reflecting on death and impermanence, Ven. Semkye realized that ordaining would be the wisest, most compassionate use of her life. She became the Abbey’s third nun in 2007. See her ordination photos. In 2010 she received bhikshuni ordination at Miao Fa Chan Temple in Taiwan. Ven. Semkye draws on her extensive experience in landscaping and horticulture to manage the Abbey’s forests and gardens.

Ask A Buddhist: Maitreya Buddha

A long, long time ago as a bodhisattva, Maitreya specialized in the meditation on great love. He meditated on great love continually.

Ask A Buddhist: Practical Ways to Live Faith In Daily Life

The ethical foundation of Buddhist practice is to benefit others as much as we can and if we can’t do that, at least to not harm them.

Ask A Buddhist: Rules To Follow

Although he prescribed ethical guidelines for us to follow, it is our choice whether to do so or not.

Ask A Buddhist: Why did Buddha Contemplate Instead of Help?

The Buddha recognized a deeper truth—that all the material aid in the world cannot prevent aging, sickness, and death.

Ask A Buddhist: When Friends Disagree

I believe that true friends can disagree and still support one another overall

Ask A Buddhist: Why are there so many specific rules for monastics?

To understand monastic guidelines, it’s helpful to put them in a historical context.

Ask A Buddhist: OK to use contraception?

Contraception is a wise and reasonable choice for anyone who wishes or needs to prevent or postpone parenting.

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