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Look for the patterns in Charleston

When you read about Dylann Roof, think about the patterns he represents. There’s more than one.

It’s a crying shame when Nobel laureates are exposed as sexist

I’m not sure whether I’m weeping tears of laughter or sorrow at the comments made by Nobel Laureate and English biochemist Tim Hunt.

Are parents morally obligated to forbid their kids from playing football?

In March 2015, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland shocked football fans when he announced his decision to retire after just one season in the NFL.

Can we unlearn social biases while we sleep?

Your brain does a lot when you are asleep. It’s when you consolidate memories and integrate the things you’ve learned during the day into your existing knowledge structure.

Understanding the link between bullying and suicide

Bullying, most of us probably know, can be a tremendously painful experience for a young person.

Youthful vows: what it means to marry young

Over the past year, Southern Baptist leaders have been encouraging churchgoers to marry young. The push seems to stem primarily from the concern that many people – especially men – are having sex before they marry. Shorten the time between when men reach sexual maturity and when they marry, the reasoning goes, and men (and presumably women, too) will be more likely to be virgins on their wedding day.

Humans are wired for prejudice but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story

Humans are highly social creatures. Our brains have evolved to allow us to survive and thrive in complex social environments.

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