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Kimberly Burnham

Author of "Awakenings: Peace Dictionary, Language and the Mind, A Daily Brain Health Program" Kimberly Burnham, PhD (Integrative Medicine) investigates the relationship between memory, language, caring and pattern recognition to create a daily brain health exercise program enabling people to achieve better neurological health, mood, and quality of life. She is on a mission to create more peace and understanding in the world by collecting and writing about the nuanced meaning of “Peace” in 4,000 different languages and is looking for funding to complete the project. Known as The Nerve Whisperer, Kimberly uses words (books, presentations, and poetry), health coaching, guided visualization, and hands-on therapies (CranioSacral therapy, acupressure, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, and Integrative Manual Therapy) to help people heal from nervous system and autoimmune conditions. She also focuses on vision issues like macular degeneration and supports people looking for eye exercises to improve driving and reading skills as well as athletic visual speed. An award-winning poet, Kimberly grew up overseas. The child of an international businessman and an artist, she learned Spanish in Colombia; French in Belgium; then Japanese in Tokyo and has studied both Italian and Hebrew as an adult. The author of “My Book: Self-Publishing, a Guided Journal”, she can be reached for health coaching, publishing help, bible study zoom presentations or talking about peace at [email protected] or http://www.NerveWhisperer.Solutions.

Choosing a Torah: Gonzaga’s Jewish Bulldogs Take Monumental Step

Gonzaga University is buying their first Torah for the small community of Jewish students, faculty, and staff members lead by Rabbi Elizabeth Goldstein.

The Impact of Language on the Brain, Creating New Neuronal Connections and Bible Study

Research from second language learning indicates that when we learn a new language, even a few words, we make new connections in our brain.

Balancing Creativity, Generosity and Diversity

Familiarity helps us feel safe and included but it does not make us more creative and imaginative, being immersed in different cultures and surround by and interacting with people different from ourselves does that

Biblical Peace

Peace is mentioned in many Bible verses. Here are just two, but with these two and others we can search out the word for peace in over 2000 languages.

Finding Poetic Emotions

By Kimberly Burnham Poetry can help us reflect on and integrate our emotional lives. A recent study in Nursing Education Today noted, "Poetry writing helps students...

Establishing Ties and Taming Peace

By Kimberly Burnham In Rhodian, a language spoken on Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece the word "ktílos" or "κτίλος" means peaceful, tame, docile,...

Safety, Dreams and Peace of Mind

How good we feel when we wake up is correlated with how well we sleep and the contents of our dreams.

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