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Religious Studies in College: How Exploring Faith Contributes to Well-Rounded Education

There's a growing interest in religious studies in colleges worldwide. Understanding faith offers insights into our shared human history and frames how we approach contemporary issues. Let's explore the deep interconnection between faith and education and how it promotes a well-rounded education.

The Ethics of Technology: How College Students Are Addressing Moral Issues in the Digital Age

In an age where digital technology reigns supreme, a new generation of thinkers and doers is rising: college students. While we marvel at the progress and possibilities of technology, there's an ever-growing need to address the ethical dilemmas it presents. Today's students are passive consumers and active participants, questioning, reshaping, and redefining the digital landscape.

Local and Global Acts of Hatred Impact Our Community

This has been a long week with frustrating and frightening news that is both far away and close to home. Last Sunday, we prayed for the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East and also for our mission partners at Odyssey Youth Movement.

5 Tips for Investing Ethically

5 Tips for Investing Ethically Sponsored Content It is no big secret that there is a potentially significant amount of money to be made through investment....

Toward Making Sense of the Hamas Assault on a Global Youth Music Festival

Amid the multiple analyses emerging of the latest major development in the now 150-plus-year-old Palestinian-Israeli conflict, one matter being largely passed over is any mention of how an international youth music festival played a central role in the planned Hamas assault.

Holy God, Have Mercy Upon Our Hard Hearts

There is an arrogance that goes along with hardness of heart, as well as being stubborn and unwilling to listen to others. Soft-hearted people are sometimes characterized as being mild-mannered and maybe even as pushovers, but those who are tender-hearted remember to make space for others, which is one way of respecting the dignity of other human beings.

Letter to the Editor: Civic Leaders Must Reject Christian Nationalism and White Supremacy

As Faith Leaders and Leaders of Conscience of Eastern Washington and North Idaho, we are disturbed at the recent presence of Mayor Nadine Woodward at the “Let Us Worship” rally where she was on stage with Sean Feucht and Matt Shea.

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