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Saturday Coffee Talk to be on Understanding Prayer

On Aug. 7 SpokaneFāVS will host its next Coffee Talk, this time focusing on its recent Understanding Prayer series.

UNDERSTANDING PRAYER: In the tomb of a saint, I thought about Twitter — thoughts on praying together

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. The words scattered in my mind. I’d read them dozens and dozens of times -- but almost always out of order. A year before I knelt in the tomb of the saint, I’d built a bot to repeat the prayer, twice a day every day, on Twitter.

Understanding prayer: The tranquility of silence

During my time at Gonzaga, I’ve had the opportunity to attend several silent retreats. At first, being silent for 48 hours to better connect religiously and spiritually with myself and God was intimidating. I didn’t know if I could do it. But once that weekend was up, I was hooked. 

UNDERSTANDING PRAYER: Namaz Parho, is Se Pehle ke Tumhari Namaz Parhi Jaye (Urdu). Pray, Before Your Prayer Is Held

Praying five times a day gives me that opportunity to be well prepared to face my Lord, Almighty Allah (God)

UNDERSTANDING PRAYER: Haven’t got a prayer … or do we?

Prayer may be thought of as the way humans sent emails to the gods before the Internet. How many of them expected a direct reply is anybody’s guess, though there is no doubt there were some who imagined they received one.

UNDERSTANDING PRAYER: An avenue for God’s purpose to become a realization in all of us

Prayer can be thought of as an open line of communication, a request, a petition for understanding, a plea for help, a supplication, an intercession, a thanksgiving, a confession and much more.


Prayer for some is a solitary experience. For others, group prayer seems to bring families and friends closer. There doesn’t seem to be a one size fits all when it comes to the subject matter. I think the goal is to get closer to your creator, whatever that means for you. To be in line more spiritually with one’s self brings peace and harmony into your life when everything around you is full of chaos.

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