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5 Ethical and Sustainable Luxury Brands for Eco-Friendly Fashion


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The term “luxury fashion” is often tied to consumerism, lavish lifestyle, and unethical manufacturing. But the growing social and environmental consciousness of the millennial generation is now changing the way we see the luxury industry. For instance, many people are making conscious efforts when buying high-end authentic watches and fashionable clothing.

The global clamor for social and environmental change has also inspired luxury brands to make a move. Innovative and progressive production methods are being used to create sustainable and eco-friendly luxury fashion products.

So, if you’re a lover of luxury fashion, you should know of these luxury brands that are making waves in the so-called ethical and sustainable fashion today.

Zena Presley

Art is a significant inspiration to Zena Presley’s designs. Fluid silhouettes and an eclectic mix of colors are a staple in her creations. Zena also keeps her pieces versatile so that the wearer can don them in different styles and multiple occasions.

The Syrian-born designer is not fond of waste. So, she only produces made-to-order clothes. Mass production, fast fashion, and store chains are not in the vocabulary of Zena Presley. If you want to buy her creations, you can order them online. Lastly, people working for Zena Presley are treated fairly.

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone is a luxury fashion brand established in 2002 by Marcus Wainwright and Nathan Bogle. Aside from redefining urban fashion, the company’s advocacy is about local production and sustainability. Their British and New York streetwear collection is done with attention-to-detail and quality craftsmanship.

The luxury fashion brand started as a denim and casual wear label focused on producing T-shirts and jeans. Back in 2017, they launched a program that calls on their beloved consumers to donate their old and worn-out jeans to a Rag & Bone’s physical store for recycling. The old jeans are then repurposed into insulation for houses.


If you’re looking for an ethically made luxury watches, you should get a Girard-Perregaux right now. The luxury watch manufacturer is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, which follows a strict code of producing pieces of jewelry that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

The gems and metals used in making Girard-Perregaux timepieces are fair-trade and sustainably sourced. Also, their products have certification from the World Diamond Council, an institution that prohibits the use of conflict diamonds.

The noble advocacy of the Swiss watchmaker even went as far as installing beehives at its headquarters to promote the preservation of endangered species.

Emma Aitchison Jewellery

Emma Aitchison Jewellery is passionate about the environment and sustainability. The company uses fair-trade and recycled gold and silver in their products. They also make sure that their production process emits less carbon, and they use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging for their products.

Emma Aitchison Jewellery is easily among the list of the most eco-friendly luxury brands right now. The company even launched a jewelry collection, dubbed as Plastic Oceans, that tackles the problem of pollution in the world’s oceans.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is one of the pioneers of ethical and eco-friendly high fashion. She is a fashion designer committed to promoting animal rights, the environment, and sustainable garment production.

McCartney uses alternative materials in her creations (cruelty-free) and taps the advancements in technology to produce clothing and accessories with zero carbon emission. The fashion brand also ensures that its suppliers are carefully selected and follows the ethical and sustainable practices that it advocates.


If you think that luxury fashion and ethical manufacturing can’t be placed in the same mold, think again. Right now, luxury fashion brands are increasingly aware of the social and environmental ills of the world that they wanted to make a difference. Make sure to support the brands on this list for an ethical and eco-friendly fashion.

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