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5 Devout Reasons to Use a Sermon Audio App Daily


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5 Devout Reasons to Use a Sermon Audio App Daily

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As many as 48% of Americans felt hopeless and depressed during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can feel scary as you face uncertainty while also feeling alone. It can lead to negative thoughts and a sense of emptiness in your life. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to feel this way. Turning to the word of God and the Bible can help you find your peace and guidance. However, reading the Bible or attending sermons in person may not be feasible in your schedule. 

These are five reasons why a sermon audio app can help you lean into your faith. 

1. Motivation 

Listening to the word of God first thing in the morning can help you get motivated. Use your daily sermon as inspiration to head out there and positively face the day’s challenges. 

Life can get stressful and chaotic, so setting aside some time for your daily sermon helps you slow down and keep in touch with the truly important things. 

2. Sense of Community 

Listening to an audio sermon can help you maintain a sense of community. Sometimes you can’t attend services in person, and this can lead to a feeling of disconnect. Many churches, such as https://www.soh.church/, make their sermons available in audio form. 

This lets you stay in touch with the community’s happenings. You’ll stay engaged and involved in the community. It’ll be easier to jump right back into attending in person when you’ve stayed current with sermons. 

3. Better Understanding 

Biblical text can be tough to read. The language isn’t natural, and it can be hard to get the full message and meaning from the text. Listening to Bible stories can help turn reading the word into an easily digestible story. 

Look for an iPad app that dramatizes the stories in the Bible with different voices for each part. This helps you understand the story and follow along better. You can then interpret the message more easily. 

4. Stay Fully Engaged 

Try reading along in your bible while listening to your chosen sermon. This engages your eyes and ears at the same time. Doing this helps you to stay more focused. 

It also fully engages your brain to help you stay present in the moment. You’ll find yourself mentally drifting off less. 

5. Read the Bible More 

Listening to the sermon can encourage you to read the bible more. Finding a sermon that you love will have you looking forward to the next edition. When it comes out, you’re more likely to pick up your bible and listen. 

This leads to you spending more time learning about the word of God. You’ll be better educated and ready to share what you’ve learned with others. 

Start Listening to a Sermon Audio App

When you listen to a sermon audio app, you can start your day off right. It gives you a peaceful time each day to tune the world out and focus on yourself and your relationship with God. Listening to a sermon helps you to better understand the Bible and the positive messages and guidance that it’s giving. 

Stay positive and informed by checking out the COVID-19 section for the latest events and news. 

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