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Pence: Trump has shifted away from complete Muslim ban

Donald Trump has backed away from a total ban on Muslims entering the United States, vice presidential running mate Mike Pence said on Thursday, a shift from one of the Republican presidential candidate's most provocative proposals.

Love Trumps Hate

Perhaps we should be grateful to Trump Rather than be depressed, angry, or mystified

Bullying in politics

But Hillary showed me how smarts, calm, humor, and yes, disdain can conquer bullies.

Casual Priest vs. The Walking Dorito

So when recent news came of another "Casual Priest" in another city interrupting Donald Trump during a visit to her church, I was instantly curious. When I learned that she intervened because his comments became political in nature during a visit that was ostensibly about the hard work of the people of Flint, Michigan, I was cheering.

Trump hits back at pastor who interrupted his pulpit speech

Donald Trump is criticizing a pastor who interrupted his speech from her church’s pulpit, saying the woman was “a nervous mess” because she had clearly planned to upstage him.

Father Knows Best: What if Trump wins?

If you believe that Donald Trump is offering a vision that is bad for America and bad for the world, if you believe that his choices to mock the disabled, to vilify Muslims, and to celebrate torture ought to disqualify him for the presidency, then speak up. Go join those movements that are working to get the vote out.

Trump’s Evangelical support comes from “nominal Christians”

. An interesting pattern has emerged which is: the the more nominal Christian, the greater the support for Trump.

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