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Temple Beth Shalom Discusses Judaism & Trans Identity in Hot Topics Program

“Judaism and Trans Identity” provided attending community members a chance for deeper insights into the controversy over transgender identity in the U.S. — a controversy that has sparked a record number of anti-LGBTQ+ bills across the country.

Racial justice and transgender awareness author to speak in Spokane, Pullman & Moscow

An engaging, optimistic person, it’s no surprise that Ivester considers herself a storyteller. She aims to bring awareness to audiences about transgender communities and hopes that audience members walk away with a greater degree of comfort with the transgender community than they had in the past.

How to Support Transgender Kids This Legislative Session

In the current legislative session multiple states have introduced and passed more anti-transgender bills; this time surrounding trans (primarily trans girls) student athletes.

Spokane duo launches app to guide transgender people through all facets of transitioning

Solace helps transgender users with issues like changing names, finding doctors, dealing with workplace discrimination and even clothes shopping, resources.

Transgender Friends: You are Created in the Image of God

God doesn’t confine themself to a single gender. God’s identity is complex and multifaceted, and humanity is created in God’s image.

Faith doesn’t have to mean intolerance

Such extremism compels me to offer a reminder: Faith does not have to be synonymous with intolerance.

Response to Massey’s column: Transgender people aren’t the ones who need to repent

The his recent column in the Spokesman-Review Steve Massey wrote about people who are transgender as though they are simply imaginative wayward children seeking to change reality to their will, instead of human beings with the right and dignity to decide how they want to live; deserving of respect of their freedom and choice.

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