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Is FāVS News a Social Medium?

FāVS.News is a social web that contributes to the social fabric of our region and beyond.

Can We Ban Social Media?

I am a social media troglodyte. Except for Facebook, I am reclusive on nearly all social media platforms. That is especially true when it comes to TikTok. I have always been this way.

We can bring relevance, balance to social media

I've noticed that people who have never indulged the classic addictions of alcohol, substance abuse, and gambling often seem addicted to Facebook.

Beware of the ‘stans’

Don't give them the power to wound you via social media

What I learned from a 7-day social media fast

President Nelson counseled “Much of what appears in your social media feeds is distorted, if not fake. So give yourself a seven-day break from fake.”

Sharing Your Faith Based Message

Think about your organization, with some effort could you get 60 retweets or 46 favorites for a positive message—a way to make connections and change the world for good?

Social media adviser to be guest panelist at Coffee Talk

Social Media hired gun, Mike Ellis, will be the guest panelist for Saturday's Coffee Talk on faith and technology.

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