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POLL: Will the world end on Dec. 21?

It's believed that the Mayan calendar will expire on Dec. 21 of this year. And gobs of people consider the date to be an apocalyptic event, according to the Boston Globe.

God’s perfect timing is forward

Why does time move forward? An experiment called BaBar, an international collaboration of more than 500 engineers and scientists, has recently shed some light on this mystery. But to understand their results, we first need to look at some work they did with antimatter.

Are we born evil?

Augustine (354-430) is generally considered to be one of the most important church fathers for Protestant and Catholic Christianity.  He expounded a concept of human evil called original sin, which was further developed by Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, and John Calvin among many others.  Augustine’s thinking was that there had been a fall of humanity after which every person is “born into sin,” or inherently evil.

Science’s super dilemma

We shouldn’t be here. According to astrophysics, our Milky Way galaxy doesn’t contain enough stuff to ever have formed. But here we are, so that causes sort of a dilemma for scientists. To fix this problem, they’ve hypothesized a substance called dark matter.

Earth’s fiery travail

Both Genesis and the Enuma Elish describe the earth as being formed from out of  chaos and into order. The giant impact hypothesis of 1975 states that the moon is a byproduct of a massive impact of the earth and another giant body called Theia. It’s a crazy idea, but there’s actually some supporting evidence.

The 7 days of Genesis

Most theologians today consider the first chapter of Genesis to be a response to the Babylonian creation epic called the Enuma Elish. Both accounts are concerned with the conquest of order over chaos. The Enuma Elish begins with “When on high,” and Genesis begins similarly, although with a unique Hebrew spin, with “In the beginning.”

NBC’s Revolution hinges on religion/science principle

The ratings for NBC’s new show Revolution are good, easily beating its rivals on ABC and CBS. Seemingly inspired by the hit movie The Hunger Games (bows and arrows and all), the setting takes place 15 dystopian years after a catastrophic event that changed the world.

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