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Biden signs marriage equality bill into law – but the Respect for Marriage Act has a few key limitations

Many leaders of major LGBTQ+ rights organizations have praised the Respect for Marriage Act. For example, Kelley Robinson, president of the LGBTQ+ advocacy group the Human Rights Campaign, said in November 2022 that the act will allow “the 568,000 same-sex married couples in this country … (to) breathe a sigh of relief that their marriages will be protected from future attacks.” However, the Respect for Marriage Act also has various limitations that have not received a lot of public attention.

Pub Talk: Religious Freedom Laws

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Coffee Talk Today: Religious Freedom Laws

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Agreement isn’t in the cards, but empathy should be

I have to admit it: I’m RFRA’d out. I felt at least somewhat engaged in the topic when Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act first came rumbling into America’s media landscape.

RFRA Laws Are Like a Bad Bra

Just as America is finally inching closer to marriage equality, (c’mon, SCOTUS, don’t let us down!) states like Arkansas and North Carolina are passing, what are incorrectly termed, Religious Freedom Restoration Acts.

RFRA — Would Jesus Ever Discriminate?

Even though religious freedom laws may not usher in mass discrimination, it essentially allows people to pass judgment on others and discriminate against them.

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