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Religion & Science: Comrades in Arms Against Ignorance

Conflicts between science and religion — perhaps more accurately, between practitioners of these great fields of endeavor — have been around throughout history.

Seminaries awarded $1.5 million to include science in coursework

Responding to a real or perceived gap between science and faith, 10 U.S. seminaries will receive a combined $1.5 million in grants to include science in their curricula, the American Association for the Advancement of Science announced Wednesday (Oct. 8).

Thanks for a great Coffee Talk on Reconciling Religion & Science

Join SpokaneFAVS today (Saturday) at 10 a.m. at Indaba Coffee Bar. 1425 W Broadway for a Coffee Talk discussion on Reconciling Religion & Science.

Religion and Science Are all Part of the Human Imagination

Asking if can religion and science be reconciled implies that science and religion may have once been joined together.

Science and Religion: What, that again?

Member of Congregation: (after noticing flyer about upcoming Coffee Talk on Science and Religion) “Oh Pastor Andy, are you going to be involved in that?”

The questions worth asking

A very recent conversation has reminded me once again of how utterly confused many folks have become about the relationship between religion and science, and how damaging that confusion is for religion.

Muse offers Christian gangsta rap jazz odyssey, and then some

Muse describes their music as "Christian gangsta rap jazz odyssey with some ambient rebellious dubstep and face-melting metal flamenco cowboy psychedelia." That about covers it. But most critics see them as alternative rock, often on the side of harder metal. "The 2nd Law" is their sixth album and the title refers to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, also known as entropy, or the state of disorder, which is probably why it appeals to hard rockers.

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