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Part-Time Clergy Score Highest in Every Health and Wellness Category  

The 2023 clergy health and wellness data are in, and they send a clear message: employment status makes a big difference in a pastor’s wellbeing. Those doing best in all respects are in part-time ministry positions.

Study Finds Clergy Have Higher Wellbeing, But Notes Areas for Improvement

A recent national study by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research found that while clergy tend to have higher emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing than the general public, they showed lower levels of prosperity in areas like physical, financial and social wellbeing.

Pandemic Boosted Resilience, Hurt Financial Health of Black Churches, Report Says

A new report highlights the challenges faced by Black and multiracial churches, as well as their resilience, in the wake of COVID-19.

Free Religion Research Webinars Aim to Help Churches Thrive

The Hartford Institute for Religion Research will be offering a free webinar series this month to help faith leaders better understand the challenges and possibilities for congregations and pastors to thrive.

Clergy Persevere Through Pandemic Fatigue, Explore Innovative Ways to Connect with Congregations

Although masks have stopped being enforced, and six feet of distance is now looking like a closer three, the effects of the 2020 pandemic are still underway, and congregational leaders are seeing the real effects of it.

Tiny churches, big hopes: Why some thrive despite the odds

It finds that congregations with fewer than 100 in weekend attendance — the most vulnerable to collapse — rose to 58 percent in 2015, up from 49 percent five years ago.

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