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Am I Resurrected Yet? Can I See Clearly Yet?

Many Christians believe that we must wait until after death and until a future end times to realize fully a resurrection. But some, including me, believe that the end times are always already with us, and that we are called to live a resurrected life now.

In Bethlehem, Quiet Christmas Celebrations Draw Parallels to War’s Victims

In the West Bank and Gaza, Christians are searching for ways to celebrate a subdued Christmas, with festivities canceled for the first time since the First Intifada in 1988. 

Christmas Is Political

When I assert that Christmas is political I’m not complaining that we’ve lost sight of “the reason for the season.” What I am concerned about is that Christians who consider Christmas a religious festival may not remember how politically radical the commemoration of Jesus’s birthday was from its inception.

Reformed Christianity Has Nothing to Do with Ultra-Right-Wing Politics

Before long, I learned that not only were they not Christians, but that many of them were vehemently opposed to Christianity. After a while, I realized that many of these people based their views largely on reports of a certain megachurch and its derivative churches, purporting to embrace Reformed theology.

Jesus’ Life and Words or Resurrection? His Life or Death

The earliest followers of the way rarely mentioned a resurrection. Paul only did so in his later writings.

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