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How to help Ferguson: “Stop watching TV and get to work”

I have been stomping around my house, impotent, angry and fearful. Ferguson verdict is in.

Churches to serve as safe spaces after Ferguson grand jury announcement

The grand jury decision on whether to indict Darren Wilson, the officer who fatally shot African-American teenager Michael Brown, is expected by the end of the month, potentially triggering further civil unrest. Clergy anticipate some might seek refuge in churches, whether to escape violence or find fellowship.

Ferguson Three Months Later

They wipe clean the street of blood, the cameras have moved on, but the cross remains, the tears remain

Pastor who took a bullet paves her own way to Ferguson’s frontline

The first time the public heard the name Renita Lamkin was probably the day she was shot.

Ferguson and the Reality of Jesus

The reality of any talk of race for a Christian starts from the radical statement that Jesus became man to be with us. Meaning all humanistic tendencies to divide humans along ethnic, racial, economic, political subgroups or abilities are false for a Christian.

The Pontifications Of An Angry White Man

I don’t think real change can happen until someone get’s really angry.

In Ferguson, Nation of Islam members push for peace

FERGUSON, Mo. (RNS) Ever since Michael Brown, a young, unarmed African-American, was shot by a police officer on Aug. 9, various crews have played...

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