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Father Knows Best: Church, desire and shame

I am having some difficulty these days feeling anything like charity towards the people, the institutions, and – let’s tell the truth – the churches that have taught you and so many other people to feel shame about your sexuality.

Religiosity belongs in a unique category

Like stories, like music, like theater, like love, faith operates in that realm of experience that refuses to be measured, weighed, or proven.

Father Knows Best: Why are People Racist?

What’s critical to understand is that this kind of racism – what we might call explicit racism – doesn’t exist on its own.

Father Knows Best: A body at odds with your gender

Yes, being born into a body that is at odds with your gender, a body that makes puberty into a betrayal, is something that happens.

Father Knows Best: Fighting Seasonal Depression

As the sad gray of November rolls in, I say, “I can make it to the winter solstice,” and after that, “I can make it to daylight saving time.”

Father Knows Best: What if Trump wins?

If you believe that Donald Trump is offering a vision that is bad for America and bad for the world, if you believe that his choices to mock the disabled, to vilify Muslims, and to celebrate torture ought to disqualify him for the presidency, then speak up. Go join those movements that are working to get the vote out.

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