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Ask a Buddhist: What Exactly Is the ‘Bogd’ and His Role?

Last March, the Dalai Lama identified a young Mongolian boy as the Bogd, the 10th incarnation of the spiritual leader of Mongolian Buddhism.

Ask A Buddhist: Is Organ Donation OK?

Buddhists are encouraged to protect life, including the lives of animals, which is said to create karmic causes for a long life in this and future lives, as well as good health, a pleasing appearance and a favorable rebirth.

Ask A Buddhist: What Makes A Person A Buddhist?

The Buddha taught that, contrary to appearances, the source of happiness lies within our own minds.

Ask A Buddhist: What is Dukkha?

Duhkha is often translated as suffering, and so it’s understandable that most people assume duhkha is limited to the physical and mental suffering that we all experience.

Ask A Buddhist: Maitreya Buddha

A long, long time ago as a bodhisattva, Maitreya specialized in the meditation on great love. He meditated on great love continually.

Ask A Buddhist: Practical Ways to Live Faith In Daily Life

The ethical foundation of Buddhist practice is to benefit others as much as we can and if we can’t do that, at least to not harm them.

Ask A Buddhist: Are evil spirits real?

Without denying that beings have the capacity to do horrific things, Buddhists believe that no being—ordinary or supernatural — is all bad or inherently evil.

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