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Sports teams an opportunity to teach about Native American culture

Teams across the U.S., could follow in the footsteps of the Spokane Indians Baseball Club, who collaborated with the Spokane tribe to reshape their team into one that used the tribe’s culture in an accurate way and encouraged people to learn more about it.

Search for Spiritual Masculinity

Advertisers tap into fears of men being too soft and not fully male.  One radio commercial for nutritional supplements asks when it became OK for men to be soft and lack physical power – coupling these questions with a call to make men great again.   

How March Madness brought this family together

I have spent much time researching and teaching about the ills of sport, especially at the collegiate level where the cultural tradition is that sports is vital to the industrial-education complex, but in reality, the educational value is dubious at best. 

The reality of our false gods

: The brouhaha in professional sports is a good thing. Let's all hope it gets even worse.

Fans rely on God, rituals to boost favorite team

(RNS) Most Americans don't see spiritual forces affecting the sports scores but many will do a little dance, say a little prayer anyway. Especially football fans.

POLL: Is it OK for sports teams to use Native American names?

The Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Washington Redskins, Chicago Blackhawks ... many professional sports teams are named after Native Americans in some form or another.

Baseball’s Darryl Strawberry buries his past in new career as a pastor

ST. PETERS, Mo. — The four-bedroom, two-story modest house sits on a corner in this planned bedroom community, and when this 6-6 muscular-toned man welcomes you inside his home, there is no evidence Darryl Strawberry the player ever existed.

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