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Native American Spirituality Discussed as part of Library’s Religions & Philosophies Series

On Saturday afternoon at the South Hill Spokane Public Library, Donell Barlow, author, health coach and member of the Ottawa tribe, shared her personal journey of healing from trauma by connecting to her culture and Native American spirituality.

At Library Professor Discusses Evangelicals and Trump

Sutton described Trump’s ascendance as a result of “four decades of work” by evangelicals, of whom 81% voted for Trump, four decades that he traced back all the way to Evangelism’s predecessors, pre-millennialism and fundamentalism.

BRIEF: Free film showing highlights Native American Reconciliation group

On June 1 One Peace, Many Paths will host a free showing of "Two Rivers", the award-winning documentary previously shown on PBS. 

“Two Rivers” documents the true story of a Native American Reconciliation group that began in a couple’s home in Northern Washington State.

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