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Tag: perception

My Journey through Homelessness Part Three: A New Pair of Glasses

Andy Pope writes how his point of view evolved from someone who lived inside most of his life to someone who lived outside for 12 years to someone who began to live on the inside again. Each season, he wore a unique pair of glasses through which he saw the world.

Neuroscience, Amygdala and Beliefs – Oh My! Part Two

Many people mistakenly think that our running like the wind reaction to bumping into an angry gorilla is due to our emotions, such as fear. Yet, it was an idea—information received from the outside world and evaluated by the prefrontal cortex and other structures, which sparked the emotional and physical reactions. It was basically an idea or belief, which caused your emotion of scared you out of your wits. In short, when you were in the mall you reacted to what you thought, believed or imagined the environment to be.

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