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Mennonite Church USA passes resolution committing to LGBTQ inclusion

The governing body of the largest Mennonite denomination in the United States passed a resolution on Sunday (May 29) confessing to “committing violence against LGBTQ people” and committing to LGBTQ inclusion.

Obamacare religious exemption hard to get

(RNS) Nestled in the fine print of the Affordable Care Act is a clause that allows people of certain religions to seek an exemption from the requirement to carry health insurance. But It’s not enough to disapprove of the law.

Award-winning author, poet Julia Kasdorf to speak at Whitworth

Whitworth will be hosting award-winning poet, author and professor Julia Kasdorf as its 2014 Simpson-Duvall Lecturer.

Aristotle and the Amish

Breaking Amish premiered on TLC on Sept. 9. It follows four Amish and one Mennonite as they venture out into the world of the English (non-Amish). In Amish culture, teenagers are allowed to participate in a rumspringa, a period of time before their baptism as a full member of the Amish in which they explore the outside world.

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