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FāVS Religion News Roundup: March 29

Diverse topics such as environmental justice tied to Spokane's 50th anniversary of Expo '74, a Journey to the Cross, Islamophobia on University of Washington's campus and how adoption got easier for religious parents in Idaho but may be harder for LGBTQ adoptees are just some of the themes we explore in this week's Roundup.

India Is One Step Closer to a Hindu Theocracy

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former President Donald Trump are hyper-nationalists and Islamophobes. Both push fear-driven campaigns based on historical grievances and aversion to foreign religions and ethnicities. A militant Hindu monk has been elected to lead India’s largest state, and he is rabidly anti-Muslim.

Spokane City Council’s Pro-Israel Resolution Draws Concern from Local Muslim Leader

On Monday the Spokane City Council voted unanimously to condemn the attacks on Israel after Councilman Jonathan Bingle, who introduced the resolution, said he spoke with local Jews. Not all agree that it was the right move.

Ask a Muslim: What Is Misunderstood about Your Faith?

What is most often misunderstood about your faith? Due to misinformation and stereotypes the list of misunderstood things is long. Here are some of the major misconceptions about Islam.

The Role of Blackness in the Hamline Islamic Art Controversy

The Role of Blackness in the Hamline Islamic Art Controversy We’ve heard little about the students who initiated the complaint and why they objected to...

Spokane-area Catholics create group to fight Islamophobia

The event, which drew about 75 people, was organized by two community groups: Muslims for Community Action Support (MCAS), and Bridges Not Walls - a new Catholic organization aimed at fighting Islamophobia.

Discussing white nationalism and how to stop it

“For the last 25 years, I have spent most of my time researching and documenting the most vile forms of racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, Islamophobia, nativism and other forms of bigotry you could possibly imagine,” Burghart said.

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