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Sports teams an opportunity to teach about Native American culture

Teams across the U.S., could follow in the footsteps of the Spokane Indians Baseball Club, who collaborated with the Spokane tribe to reshape their team into one that used the tribe’s culture in an accurate way and encouraged people to learn more about it.

A Serious Question for you About Football

After reading two articles on the dangers of football, would you attend any more games, and why?

Free, at last, of football

Finally, America's 'god' has been put back in its box

If football is deadly, why do we still watch?

There are two reasons why pro football in particular and organized football in general won’t go out of existence, despite a consistent flow of head injury stories.

When Scapegoats Come to Dinner

O’Tuama woke me up to a dimension of my community’s shock and anger: those we kept in chains—literally in the form of their ancestor’s slavery and in the present racist prison system, or figuratively in the various legacies of slavery (ie. voting rights)—are looking us in the eyes, clothed, dignified, and simply by existing in this way, asking to be heard. I see that the rage felt by so many fans is not unlike the Gerasene neighborhood council telling Jesus to take a hike.

NFL violence and high school prayers OK with fans

For all the headlines about football violence, concussions and player injuries, watching football is not a “guilty pleasure” for many Americans. It’s just a pleasure, a new survey finds.

Best Buy commercial points way to greater Muslim acceptance

Viewers watching the American Football Conference championship game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots earlier this month may have seen a Best Buy commercial for a Sharp 60-inch television that seemed ordinary, but in one way was extraordinary.

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