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Protestant churches embrace gluten-free bread for Communion as Vatican reaffirms ban

While the Roman Catholic world digests a Vatican letter confirming the church’s prohibition on gluten-free wafers, Protestant churches continue to place orders for a Eucharist that won’t bother the gluten-intolerant.

POEM: Hearer of the Word

Why oh Lord am I here? Why have you created me?

Did Pope Francis say Lutherans can take Communion at Catholic Mass?

Francis stressed that it was not his place to give permission for Protestants to receive Catholic Communion, and that differences on doctrine remain.

When God Remembers

The movie runs simple. An eleven year old, Riley, moves with her family from Minnesota to San Francisco. She does not like it one bit, and almost runs away by catching a bus back to Minnesota. The brilliance of Pixar’s latest movie is that we go on an adventure in Riley’s mind with her five core emotions to see her motivations. Watching it, I discovered an insight into a theological mystery about Jesus’ crucifixion.

Ask A Catholic: Is It Forbidden for Non-Catholics to Receive the Eucharist?

While anyone, Catholic or not, are permitted and encouraged to attend Mass as often as they like, non-Catholic Christians are not permitted to receive the Eucharist under nearly every circumstance, and non-Christians are not permitted to receive at all.

Is it enough to confront evil with prayer?

Bonjour Dr. Heller, I’ve been reflecting on our last lecture about overcoming evil in the world. This has prompted...

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