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An Epiphany in Spokane and Moscow

My Christian denomination, along with some others, celebrates the time between January 6 and Ash Wednesday as the season of Epiphany. In common use an epiphany is a sudden moment of awareness — an "ah ha" moment. Etymologically, an epiphany is a shining (“-pha’’-) forth (“epi-“), a manifestation of light. In Christian tradition, this shining forth is the coming of Jesus into the world, a coming through which we all may shine.

Celebrating Three Kings Day in Spokane

Long before Northern Europeans established the Clausian gift-giving tradition, early Christians in the Mediterranean region celebrated the Epiphany by exchanging gifts in the tradition of the three kings mentioned in the bible. Though they are not mentioned by name in Scripture, the three kings Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar are essential to Three Kings Day. The colonization of the Americas brought the tradition from Spain to the Americas. Now it is also celebrated in Spokane.

An Epiphany Eclipsed

Jan. 6 was the Feast of Epiphany, and with a historic Senate election in Georgia, it should have been a day of wonder...

Russian Orthodox believers take icy plunge on Epiphany Day

Hundreds of thousands of Russian Orthodox believers took a plunge into sub-zero waters across Europe on Thursday to wash off their sins as part of Epiphany feast day celebrations.

Epiphany and a Spirit of Grace

In many ways, I view Epiphany as paramount in the Advent Season. This is the date when Jesus is recognized and heralded as King of the Jews through the actions and recognition of pagans.

Celebrating Epiphany by bringing light to West Central

Larson Andrews said she wants the neighborhood to know that no matter its reputation, God is still there. "God loves...

Epiphany, the Encounter and iGod

Today is Epiphany, but what is it? It seems the only thing left of Epiphany is the 12 days of Christmas song. It...

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