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Charlie Hebdo and the Justification of Free Speech

The killings, and the global context of which they are a part, provide an opportunity to reflect critically on the uses of, and justifications for, free speech.

We can’t coast through life without being offended

After the horrific shooting at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper offices in Paris and following attacks in Paris stores, newspapers around the world had to make a pivotal decision.

A Lesson from Charlie Hebdo: Don’t Enjoy the Silence

As soon as I heard about the attack on Charlie Hebdo, I thought of these words about freedom of speech and self-expression in the face of oppression penned by author Tahar Djaout.

Freedom of the press trumps respect for religion in a new survey

Most Americans who know about the deadly attack on the Paris headquarters of the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine say it’s OK that the weekly featured cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

How have the Charlie Hebdo shootings impacted you?

Is there righteous rightness in any side? Is there anything which makes taking the life of another right?

Free speech, sensitivity clash in media outlets

It’s not news that free speech can offend. But in the wake of the recent killings by Islamist extremists at a satirical magazine in Paris, editors around the world have had to make a choice

Father Knows Best: 6 Gospel principles to help us cope with Charlie Hebdo attacks

in the pain and the disorientation of this time, I’d like to wonder with you about six Gospel principles – six principles about Jesus and, therefore, six principles about being Jesus’ disciples – that might help us to respond both to Charlie Hebdo and to the terrorists who murdered it staff.

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