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Umrah Diary: Crossing into Jerusalem, Looking Muslim

What possessed my husband and me to take two of our three kids on a 24-hour trip into wartime Israel on Christmas Eve, when we are a visibly Muslim family, one of whom is a 16-year-old male? The story begins long before Oct. 7.

With Hope, I Pray for a King Solomon!

Why do we see that the deaths of Ukrainians are more painful, more felt, than the deaths of Palestinians? We should feel for both as both are equally human beings made of flesh and blood.

Muslim Call to Prayer and My Azan Clock

Soon after moving to the United States, I realized how much I miss the sound of Azan. Azan is an Islamic call to the prayer that echoes five times a day to call the believers to offer obligatory daily prayers.

Ask a Muslim: Is It Permissible to Be a Non-Practicing Muslim?

Ask a Muslim: Is It Permissible to Be a Non-Practicing Muslim?

Negative Spaces Have Value in Art, Life and Theology

Having assumed that truth and beauty lay in fullness I clearly needed a lesson in the value of negative spaces.

Ask a Muslim: What Are the Fasting Rules for Non-Muslims During Ramadan?

Fasting in Ramadan is not an obligation for non-Muslims. If you miss a fast, then you do not need to worry about making it up.

The Evil in this World: It All Started with a Forbidden Fruit

The origin of evil as described in Islam goes back to the early times when Allah, SWT (God), created Adam from clay. He then asked his other creations, Angels and Jinn to prostrate to Adam. All did except “Iblis,” Iblis was a Jinn and believed that hence he was created from fire, an element superior to clay, so then, why shall he prostrate to someone who is created from mere clay.

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