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Government shutdown: religious leaders and activists plead for compromise


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The federal government faces its first shutdown in nearly 20 years after late-night congressional negotiations failed to break a budget standoff over President Obama’s health care law.

Greg Erlandson, publisher of Our Sunday Visitor, laments that the shutdown mess has drowned out attention to a real disaster — waves of killings of Christians abroad.


Navy chaplain Father Kevin Cusick of Meeting Christ in the Liturgy says the shutdown won’t change church availability.


A group of liberal Christian leaders blasted the Tea Party over the shutdown, reports David Brody of CBN.


Seattle pastor Eugene Cho urged unity.


Some pastors, including Otis Moss III and Jamal Bryant, criticized the Tea Party.



Activist Jordan Sekulow pointed to the IRS.


Ecumenical First Things magazine adds a bit of history for context.


Comedian Jim Gaffigan, who references his Catholic faith often, connects the dots.


The Twitter talk earlier was that the panda camera at the National Zoo would be shut off during a shutdown. Writer Amy Sullivan finds that preferable.


Relevant magazine editor Cameron Strang plans on taking advantage of the shutdown.


And God decided to weigh in.



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Sarah Pulliam Bailey
Sarah Pulliam Bailey
Sarah Pulliam Bailey joined RNS as a national correspondent in 2013. She has previously served as managing editor of Odyssey Networks and online editor for Christianity Today.


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