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Pete Haug

Pete plunged into journalism fresh out of college, putting his English literature degree to use for five years. He started in industrial and academic public relations, edited a rural weekly and reported for a metropolitan daily, abandoning all for graduate school. He finished with an M.S. in wildlife biology and a Ph.D. in systems ecology. After teaching college briefly, he analyzed environmental impacts for federal, state, Native American and private agencies over a couple of decades. His last hurrah was an 11-year gig teaching English in China. After retiring in 2007, he began learning about climate change and fake news, giving talks about both. He started writing columns for the Moscow-Pullman Daily News and continues to do so. He first published for favs.news in 2020. Pete’s columns alternate weekly between FāVS and the Daily News. His live-in editor, Jolie, infinitely patient wife for 62 years, scrutinizes all columns with her watchful draconian eye. Both have been Baha’is since the 1960s. Pete’s columns on the Baha’i Faith represent his own understanding and not any official position.

Holy War? A Millennium Hasn’t Taught Us Much.

Explore Pete Haug's insightful comparison of the Middle East's enduring violence to historical Holy Wars like the Crusades, highlighting the potential of the Golden Rule to promote peace and understanding across diverse beliefs.

Avoiding Extremism: Lessons from Authoritarian Overreach and the Value of Democracy

As our election looms, we must understand our own biases. Understanding our biases will help us vote wisely, choosing those we wish to govern us.

Embracing Death: Reflections on Faith, Mortality and Preplanning One’s Farewell

My wife Jolie (85) and I (88) just finished planning our own funerals. We began in December and finalized arrangements in early March. We’ve been having a great time sharing each step with our three children and their spouses.  For example, after getting a preliminary estimate from the funeral home, we thought we could get a better price by ordering caskets online.

Taking the Road ‘Less Traveled by’ Has Made ‘All the Difference’

Pete Haug remembers hearing Robert Frost read his poem "The Road not Taken" 65 years ago. It reminded him of his spiritual journey out of the Christianity of his youth into choosing the Baha'i faith as an adult.

Good News! The World Isn’t Ending.

Dr. Hannah Ritchie's new book, “Not the End of the World: How We Can Be the First Generation to Build a Sustainable Planet," has attracted widespread media attention, perhaps because of its refreshing optimism. Her articulate, data-based conclusions contrast with contemporary environmental doom and gloom outlooks.

Is this the Year Democracy Dies in the Dark?

Will 2024 be the year our democracy died in the twilight of disinformation? We face tough electoral choices. We must decide what direction our nation will take. Will the light of truth guide us to all truth, or will democracy flounder and die in darkness?

The Song of the Swan and the Inevitability of Aging

Two factors influenced my decision to retire from writing a bi-weekly column. I recently turned 88, and for several years I’ve been going blind with age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness among elderly.

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