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Ask A Religious Scientist: Did Ernest Holmes consider Religious Science Christian?

Ernest Holmes would probably have thought of himself as a Christian in his time (he died in 1960).

Ask A Religious Scientist: Religious Science vs. Unity

The major difference today is that Centers for Spiritual Living, what Religious Science is now known as, has ongoing classes that lead adherents to a point of being licensed practitioners ready to start ministerial classes.

Ask a Religious Scientist: Is Religious Science “New Age”?

My understanding of “New Age” is that through the use of a variety of objects (crystals, rocks, tarot cards, etc.) or healing methods involving the touch of another person, or others who have a “gift” (i.e. psychics, mediums, channelers) the individual is able to use the divine power.

Ask A Religious Scientist: Is Religious Science part of Scientology?

The answer is absolutely not. The Church of Scientology is based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard and its practices are very secretive, closed and expensive.

Ask A Religious Scientist: What distinguishes Religious Science from the Unitarian movement?

Although the Unitarian movement began as a Christian movement, redefining Jesus as a prophet and God as a single power and releasing the concept of the trinity, the modern Unitarian Universalists have little resemblance to the initial beliefs of the 16th and 17th century Unitarians.

Ask A Religious Scientist: How did you come upon the path of Religious Science?

After many years of being an agnostic and finding my salvation through “drugs, sex and rock and roll,” I awoke to the fact that I needed to find a new way of living.

Ask A Religious Scientist: The difference between Christian Science and Religious Science

On the surface, Christian Science and Religious Science beliefs may seem close; however there are some basic differences between the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science) and Ernest Holmes (Religious Science).

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