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Harmony Increases When We Are More Curious about One Another

World Interfaith Harmony Week (Feb. 1-7) will soon be upon us, and oh how we need it. For all its ability to bring peace and order to our lives, religion has also been the fuel and catalyst for much fighting and strife.

I Joined the Faith-Based Committee of Spokane to Help Plan for ‘A Safe, Clean City’

I had the honor of joining other faith leaders in presenting findings of the unique Faith-Based Committee of Spokane (FBCS), which hopes to turn the tide of brokenness in Spokane.

From Religious Life to Family Life, Local Couple Embraces the Sacred in All Their Callings

For Christi and Fernando Ortiz, living close to God — what they now often refer to as the divine, a higher reality or the mystery — continues to draw them. And this pull inspired them to open the retreat center so others can experience their own communions with the sacred.

Letter to the Editor: We Oppose Anti-Transgender Legislation in Idaho

As faith leaders and members in the community, we stand together in support of transgender rights. We are open and affirming people of faith who value all human beings and their identities.

Student Conference on Religious Pluralism Gave Me a ‘Life-Changing’ Experience

As someone who loves to travel, I was ecstatic when I received an email from my professor inviting me to a five-day conference in Provo, Utah, in February 2023. Without really investigating the nature of the conference, I immediately accepted the offer. And boy am I glad I did. In the blizzardy mountains of Aspen Grove, I took part in an incredible, life-changing experience.

My family’s Sikh religion

I grew up in a Punjabi household while living in one of the whitest towns in California. I was raised knowing and believing in Sikhism. I spent Sundays going to the gurdwara, a place of worship for Sikhs, and learning about the history from my uncles and dad.

Growing up Multi-Denominational

As I look back on my childhood, I realize how lucky I am that my parents gave my brother and me the choice. We were able to choose what we believed in and how we believed in it.

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