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Umrah Diary: Crossing into Jerusalem, Looking Muslim

What possessed my husband and me to take two of our three kids on a 24-hour trip into wartime Israel on Christmas Eve, when we are a visibly Muslim family, one of whom is a 16-year-old male? The story begins long before Oct. 7.

How to Celebrate Ramadan: Keep It Simple Sister!

Ramadan begins today for those of us in America, and we will observe our first sawm (fast). Muslims around the world will be seeking spiritual merit or reward by fasting, praying, doing good deeds and asking for repentance.

Ask a Muslim: Will Allah Forgive My Mistakes?

The scholars says that it is the most hopeful verse in the Qur’an. Allah (SWT) acknowledges and addresses those who have excessed and tells them that, even if you have transgressed, do not despair His mercy. Just seek forgiveness with sincerity.

What Thanksgiving Day Means to Me, a Muslim Woman in America

I celebrated my first thanksgiving in 2009 after coming to America. I was able to relate to the holiday from the beginning because I found it to be a continuation of my Muslim belief of being grateful. Gratitude is a core element of my faith that multiplies blessings. Being thankful is step one of realization of your blessings. Once you cross this step, you start the process of sharing these blessings with others.

My Trip to the Spokane Islamic Center

My experience at the Islamic Center was very enlightening, and I was grateful to be able to learn about the faith and customs in person. I believe if people want to learn about Islam they can go to a masjid to do so because it feels like a welcoming space.

Ask A Muslim: Islam and Homosexuality

Islam and its sacred texts emphasize on living and leading a good life and its interpretation on homosexuality or many other subjects and issues vary between its various sects and communities from state to state and culture to culture.

Ask A Muslim: How Did Islam Begin?

Often, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to travel to the outskirts of Mecca and meditate in the Cave Hira for solitude. This is where he received his first revelation at the age of 40.

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