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For Non-Jews on Judaism, Part 3

This is the third and final installment in my crowd-sourced series where Jewish people share things we wish non-Jews understood. In the previous two articles in the series, we covered things like Chanukah, horns, antisemitism and the wide variety of belief within Judaism. In this article, we’ll get songs stuck in your head, make you are of the Jewish disdain for the phrase, “Judeo-Christian” and point out that Judaism is its own whole set of beliefs independent of other religions.

If you love the Bible and God, then love children. Live children.

We re-awaken from this regular nightmare of guns and shootings and mass death, and as yet, we have not learned anything.

Ask a Jew: What do Jews think of Christianity, whose followers worship a Jew?

Many Jews I’ve met are amused at the fact that Christians worship a Jew.

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