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Seeds of Hope: Thoreau, Jesus, and Enduring Faith in Hard Times

In “The Succession of Forest Trees,” an 1860 address to folks attending a county cattle show (precursor to our county fair), Henry David Thoreau proclaimed his “faith in a seed.”

Is God Watching Us from a Distance?                        

I’ve long been haunted by Nanci Griffith’s 1987 rendition of Julie Gold’s 1985 song, “From a Distance.” I listened to it again on a recent drive back from Seattle, so I decided to ponder the song’s lyrics and wrestle with its repeated assertion that “God is watching us from a distance.”

Descending into Summer’s Dog Days Should Lead Us to Better Care for the Earth

Some might claim that in the Inland Northwest the nights are not hot enough and the air is not humid enough to create that real wrap-around Dog Day experience from which night and shade offer little respite.

In Praise of Quaker Colors

I can’t find the passage now, but I know it’s there. Sometime in the late fall or early winter of 1853, Henry David Thoreau wrote in his journal that nature now has Quaker colors.

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