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The farce of moral superiority

When it comes to moral issues our opinions simply don't matter.

Kentucky town’s brush with gay marriage spotlight stirs tension

The calm that returned to Morehead, Kentucky - home to the county clerk who had refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples - could be short-lived when Kim Davis returns to work on Monday, along with crowds of demonstrators and the media.

Lawyers for Ky. clerk seek new way to block marriage licenses

Lawyers for a county court clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling that allows same-sex couples to wed filed an emergency motion Wednesday to block an order from the Kentucky governor.

Humanity has 7 billion ways to define love

Two weeks ago I asked readers to define the word “love,” which I contend is the correct starting place for unpacking the real issue behind the Supreme Court's June 26 decision to legalize gay marriage.

Jimmy Carter: Jesus would approve of gay marriage

Former President Jimmy Carter said in an interview that he thinks Jesus would approve of gay marriage.

Why the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision is not like legalizing abortion (ANALYSIS)

In the wake of the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage, a favorite talking point among social conservatives was that even if they lost a battle, they could still win the war: The ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges was akin to the 1973 Roe v. Wade verdict legalizing abortion, they argued, and opponents would continue to fight, and steadily work their way back to victory.

It’s Your Turn to Write: Define the Word “Love”

I can't tell you how relieved I am that the Supreme Court has decided the gay marriage question. Perhaps now, after decades of legal wrangling, we can finally get around to addressing the real issue.

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