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Unlikely Feminist: A Male Perspective on Women in the Church

The role of women in the church is one of evolution and change. It should give all of us reason to celebrate when women are recognized as leaders in local congregations and denominations.

Why I Am Prochoice: A Journey of Faith

How does a person who grew up in the Deep South, who as a teenager joined one of the most conservative denominations in the U.S., who was educated in a religious college and seminary, who was ordained in that conservative denomination decades ago, and who has served in ministry for 50 years find himself to be not only prochoice, but a feminist?

Feminist Mormon Girls Camp!

I’ve spent the last two days attending the world’s first-ever Feminist Mormon Girls Camp. Held in the Utah mountains, it’s been a gathering not just of teenage girls and their leaders, as is traditional for LDS Girls Camp (now called Young Women Camp), but whole families, including spouses and tiny tots.

It’s been a marvelous experience.

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