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Ask an Evangelical: Do Evangelicals Believe in Scientific Evolution?

Do Evangelicals believe in scientific evolution or do they believe each and every species was individually created?

Young-earth creation conference comes to Spokane to talk life’s origins

Young-earth creation conference comes to Spokane to talk life's origins.

Which Explains Our Culture Best: Evolution or Creationism?

Mankind’s very existence is attributed to only two main processes that I’m aware of – evolution or creationism – and I think one of them better explains the predicament we find ourselves in today…Creationism.

Scientists, theologians ponder if latest biological findings are more compatible with religion

Theologians in the decadeslong science and religion debate, which argues the two disciplines complement each other, have also become more pragmatic as their dialogue proceeds.

An analysis of Robert Nelson’s “proof” of god

What is it about some religious believers who are not content merely to faithfully profess their assorted beliefs, but insist on jumping the shark by arguing that those beliefs are somehow provable in a way no one but a recalcitrant blockhead could deny?

Arguments why God (very probably) exists

Does God exist? Michael Peligro, CC BY-ND Robert H. Nelson, University of Maryland Note from Editor of The Conversation US: This is a revised version of the...

Ask An Evangelical: Beliefs on evolution

What do Evangelicals think of evolution? We generally fit into two groups on this one.

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