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Exploring the Richness of Holy Week: 2024 Spokane Area Easter Services and Events

Here is a list of the variety of services happening this Holy Week. This list is only a sample. If you don’t see your church and would like to have it added, please send your service times to Cassy Benefield at [email protected]

2023 Spokane Area Christmas Services Listings

Christian churches throughout the Spokane area will soon celebrate the birth of Jesus and what they see as his role in their lives today. FāVS News listed many of these services.

Presbyterian. Methodist. Catholic. Do denominations matter?

Before I knew it, I was in their car, propped in the passenger seat while he drove and she sat silently in the back.  The heat from our bodies filled the car as a stench from somewhere inside us leaked from our pores.  Sweat seeped through my worn t-shirt as I guzzled another gulp from my water jug.

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