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Ryan Mahoney

Ryan Mahoney is a pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church and a fan of art. He loves being creative and, wondering about the big beautiful world that God has placed us in.

The Axis of Evil in Me

There are few moments that are truly capable of resizing a person. Death is the main force that cuts people down to size. It is inevitable, and the only guarantee in life. As many have pointed out before, we often live as though death is a myth.

VIDEO: Spaceman Jesus

Would we recognize God if he was walking among us?

Spaceman Jesus

<p> Spokane Faith & Values writer Ryan Mahoney asks — would we recognize God if he was walking among us?</p>

Some bread, some wine and a revolution

This hope is everywhere, and I believe it is alive in every human heart, like a small flame, just waiting to be fanned and let loose. The good news of the meal Jesus shared with a few friends is that this movement is for everyone, but it is going to take everyone as well.

I would couch taxation with charity

I recently had a discussion with my father, who sits across the aisle from myself politically. His argument is that government spending, like bailouts and stimulus packages etc., seem to be unaccounted for and he is angry at the government for this.

That time I got roofied at the (political) party

Recently a group of Christian pastors decided to challenge 50-year-old legislation that threatens the tax status of churches if they endorse a particular candidate. Pastors preached sermons specifically endorsing candidates that they felt embodied “Christian” ethics.

Car accidents, weddings, and God

There’s an old phrase: whistling past the graveyard. To whistle past the graveyard is to pretend that death will not happen. It is to pretend that you are immortal, or that your youth and life will never run out.

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