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Insights Into Religion

Through this gateway, religious leaders and the public can find congregational resources and insights into religious practices. This is made possible through the Lilly Endowment.

How churches can avoid breaking copyright law

Start scouring through church websites or worship bulletins and it won’t take long to find stolen images.

How to Engage People With Newsletters

"Good communication is part of what allows organizations to flourish and thrive,” he said, adding that a digital newsletter can reach both internal and external audiences."

What Is A Realistic Approach To Social Media And Technology for Congregations?

If it seems like everyone is on social media and using technology, it’s because they are. Last year 78 percent of Americans reportedly had at least one social media profile. Yet many churches are still struggling to adapt to society’s evolving digital landscape. Rabbi Aaron Spiegel, information technology director for the Center for Congregations, says maybe that’s OK.

Congregations Embracing Technology, Study Finds

Websites, Facebook and other tools are helping churches stay connected to their members and reach out to the wider community.

Studies Reveal How To Serve Youth And Young Adults Better

Breaking free from the stereotype of the disengaged teen could help churches serve them better. And as those teens age into adulthood, congregations need to be willing to work to keep them involved.

The Challenges Of Writing A Sermon — And Tips For Sermon Preparation

The abundance of resources available on the Web requires a new level of discipline. After nearly 30 years in the ministry, the Rev. G. Lee Ramsey Jr. knows writing sermons week after week isn’t easy. It’s not so much writers’ block, he says. The hard part is creating a focused sermon that gives the congregation something to chew on.

Facing Death With Faith

Kayla Mueller's beautiful letter to her family while being held by ISIS is an eloquent testament of faith in the midst of adversity that continues to inspire after her death.

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