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Monday, December 11, 2023

Michael Banks

Michael Banks was born July 1, 1969. He is the son of a German/Polish Jewish father, and a Mexican/American Indian Southern Baptist mother. He resides in Pullman and was born and raised in Southern California. Currently he is working on his first non-fiction book based upon the life and friendship of beloved WSU Professor Susan Linda Swan, an inspiring soul who "saved his life" from an early death of alcoholism and depression. Michael had always dreamt of becoming a professional writer, inspired in his childhood by the Indiana Jones Film series, and aspires to travel the globe to write about spirituality and self-healing in the modern world. He is also a seasoned carpenter and photographer, enjoys playing and recording music and does claim to bring a team of Angels with him wherever he goes.

I Find in Pullman’s Trinity Lutheran Church an Immersive Experience

My friend Susan Swan spoke very highly of Trinity Lutheran Church located just off of the WSU campus nestled gently at the top of NE Lybecker Road in Pullman. She was a retired professor of history, and in her more active days, she spent many a Sunday there.

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