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Salish School adds new building to campus

Despite the struggles created by the pandemic, Salish School of Spokane will add a new building to its campus, allowing them more space to teach young children in two programs and a bit of breathing room and to continue their vision of teaching from cradle to college.

Singing hymns in Salish: Pauline Flett’s dedication to spirituality

Growing up in a Catholic and Presbyterian household, Flett attended both churches and learned to play music, which would later help serve her in her mission to revitalize Salish and promote spirituality.

Sports teams an opportunity to teach about Native American culture

Teams across the U.S., could follow in the footsteps of the Spokane Indians Baseball Club, who collaborated with the Spokane tribe to reshape their team into one that used the tribe’s culture in an accurate way and encouraged people to learn more about it.

Pauline Flett’s legacy lives on through former students

Though she may be gone, Spokane tribal elder Pauline Flett’s legacy in preserving the Salish language, which is used by Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast, lives on in those who she has inspired throughout her time as a teacher.

Salish School to host Rally for Salish Language

To celebrate the United Nations (UN) Year of Indigenous Languages, Salish School of Spokane will be leading the 2019 Rally for Salish on Friday, July 26 at noon in the Clocktower Meadow of Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane.

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