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Am I Resurrected Yet? Can I See Clearly Yet?

Many Christians believe that we must wait until after death and until a future end times to realize fully a resurrection. But some, including me, believe that the end times are always already with us, and that we are called to live a resurrected life now.

Adult Egg Hunts and Kiddie Pools Full of Gifts: Is Easter the New Christmas?

Easter traditionally is the most popular day of the year to attend church, with 62% of Americans reporting they took part in holiday services before the COVID-19 pandemic upended life in 2020, according to the Pew Research Center. But, at a time when fewer people are identifying as Christian and church attendance has been slow to recover from the pandemic, celebrations of the most sacred day on the Christian calendar are becoming bigger and more detached from their religious roots.

Spokane Area Christian Churches Celebrate Holy Week. Here Are Their Service Dates & Times

Christian churches across the world celebrate Easter in diverse ways, and the Spokane regional churches are no different.

What Happened on the First Easter? (Part 3)

If resurrection did not and does not mean physically/bodily rising from the dead, what could Paul, the Gospel writers, and the early Church have meant by that word? And what does it mean for us today?

What Happened on the First Easter? (Part 2)

propose that within the constellation of Easter stories, the primary event, the event that changed everything, was the crucifixion, not the commonly understood resurrection.

What Happened on the First Easter? (Part One)

Is it possible to claim a story is true while at the same time claim it didn’t actually happen? For me, the answer is yes. The Easter story I focus on here is the resurrection.

Resurrection 2021

The grief that lingers in the midst of the miracle - the lost time that not even God can bring back, the scars of what we have been through some still fresh enough to bleed.

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