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Religion & Science: Comrades in Arms Against Ignorance

Conflicts between science and religion — perhaps more accurately, between practitioners of these great fields of endeavor — have been around throughout history.

Why So Many Religions? Or Are There?

Why would God -- all-knowing, all-loving -- create what has evolved into countless divisions sharing many common beliefs, yet disagreeing, even fighting, over others?

Freedom of Marriage: a Plight and Dream for Millions

What happens when a Muslim and a Hindu in India fall in love? MacKenzie Bills, a Fulbright English Teacher Assistant, shares what she learned.

Do we need political chaos to finally care?

In the whirlwind pace of news, outrage, and defensive walls of the past six weeks, many American Christians are struggling with what their beliefs mean when applied to the democracy-based republic form of government.

Freeing religion from ethnicity: what I learned in Malaysia

MacKenzie Bills, a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia, discusses the problem of conflating religion and ethnicity, and how it endangers true freedom of religion.

Viewpoints: Defining religion

How do you define religion?

The Reason I Would Never Leave

Even though I am challenged almost daily in my beliefs, in my existence, in the reason for my being and living here in the United States, I love that I am transforming.

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