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Baptism rates slide despite high-profile boosts

(RNS) Baptism rates are in steady decline for U.S. Catholics, Southern Baptists and others. Will high profile attention to the ritual from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the pope inspire a change?

The Pope Francis effect: ‘Francesco’ now Italy’s most popular baby name

ROME (RNS) After Pope Francis' election on March 13, "Francesco" lept into first among most popular names in Rome and has grown more popular since then.

Could Pope Francis make women cardinals? A pipe dream, and an opening

(RNS) There’s a saying in the Catholic Church that while only God can create the world, only a pope can create cardinals.

The 12 best Catholic quips from Stephen Colbert, the ‘pope of basic cable’

NEW YORK (RNS) Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert will headline the famed Al Smith Dinner to raise funds for Catholic charities. Colbert frequently riffs on his Catholic faith on his show, and here we collect his best Catholic quips.

When Catholic schools fire gay teachers, laity push back

(RNS) The firing of a gay teacher's from a Catholic school used to be a private affair. But with a majority of Catholics supporting the spread of legalized gay marriage, more and more, the laity is calling the church out.

Poll: Catholics agree with Pope Francis that church is ‘obsessed’ with moral issues

(RNS) The survey shows that two in three adult Catholics said they agreed with Pope Francis' observation that the church has become too focused on issues such as homosexuality, abortion and contraception.

After years of decline, Catholics see rise in number of future priests

(RNS) Young men today “want to give their life for something that counts. These men are tired of living in a culture of relativism. They want to say there must be something true, beautiful and good," says the Rev. Mark Latcovich, president of St. Mary Seminary outside Cleveland.

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