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Far-right pastor files lawsuit against Spokane

Far-right pastor Sean Feucht filed a lawsuit against Spokane and City Council members over their criticism of the former mayor's appearance at his anti-LGBTQ event. He alleges religious discrimination and is seeking damages.

Traveling anti-queer pastor Sean Feucht announces lawsuit against Spokane

Learn about the $2 million lawsuit Sean Feucht plans to file against the City of Spokane for their alleged attack on Christians.

Matt Shea hosts ‘Season of Revival’ events with Christian nationalists

As 2024 election nears, Matt Shea will host events with Christian nationalists like Michael Flynn, to reshape America into Christian nation.

Zach Williams Meets the Christian Nationalist Redemption Machine

The story of Sean Feucht, Zach Williams and a stolen guitar is a story of marketing masquerading as testimony, where facts are less important than God’s truth. 

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